Monday, 20 September 2010

Try Try and Try Again

Work, it would seem is not something I was designed for.

Being a self-diagnosed ADHD sufferer, I can spend barely 5 minutes doing something before I feel the need to check my email, eat something or tidy the eternally messy space around me. This frequently results in a whole bunch of unfinished tasks.

Yesterday, instead of doing what I should have been, i.e. sitting down with my thesis and getting as much of it done as possible, I spent much of the day trying to figure out how to use DJ software. I seem to have got the basics down to some extent, but obviously this will not translate into a skill that can be monitised for quite some time, or ever.

The thesis suffers from a similar problem, or worse, if we are talking return on investment time-wise. Because of the fact that I can see no practical use for a PhD. (in Arts, before you ask), I cannot bring myself to spend the required amount of time working on it. Currently this is particularly frustrating as I am living in the sticks with my parents.


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